KBP Team Takeover: Josh

Meet Josh


Josh Moates was born and raised in Central Alabama. As the bass player in a band, he traveled throughout the country on tour. While away from home, he discovered his true love of the South, coming to appreciate its unique and eclectic character.   Josh met Kim at a trade show and the two became business partners soon after, taking Josh from bass player to photographer. Now working as a co-owner of a photography company + film lab in Montgomery, Alabama, Josh finds his muse in his love of all things Southern. He’s often inspired by the South’s people, its back road landscapes, its downtown skylines and its shadows of days gone by.

Josh is married to Aubrie and together the two have two boys, and one girl making her debut in November!

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-Where is home?

Where the heart is

-Married or kids?

 Both, Married with 2 kids and 1 on the way! 

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-Why/What got you started in photography?

My mom got me a 35mm camera in High School and it was so much fun! 

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-What is your biggest inspiration?

I am inspired by other photographers like Henry Cartier Bresson and Robert Frank.

-What are you other passions besides photography?

Writing Music

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-What are you other passions besides photography?

Writing Music

-What animal would you be and why?

Bird all the way, flying would be pretty alright.

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-What can we catch you doing in your spare time? Hobbies?

As of late, I like indoor plants. hahah Yup, that isn’t a joke.  Besides that, just hanging with the kids.

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-What is your favorite color?


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-What is your favorite tv show?

Breaking bad or True Detective

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-What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Enjoy being in the moment. Focus on what is actually happening right now

-Cats or Dogs?


-If you weren't a photographer, what would you do? 

I would really love to write funny skits for commercials

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-What is your favorite word?

Baby shark do do do dodododoo

-Which store would you like to max out your Credit Card?

BH in NY

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-Did you have a childhood nickname?


-Sweet or salty? 

Sweet….. chocolate anything

-Any strange phobias? 

 Knocking over a wedding cake and I keep having a dream that I am on stage playing guitar with a band and no knowing how to play the song. its terrifying 

-What is one thing you can’t live without?

I can name 3… Oxygen, Food and Water ( that is everyones I think)

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-Name a few of your favorite things?

Rhapis Palm trees, Documentaries, High end guitars